Maximize Skype and Oovoo experience to Communicate Virtually

Do you use Skype or maybe ooVoo to communicate with your family, friends or perhaps with your team virtually? In this article, we will be talking about how you can maximize Skype and ooVoo experience with our simple and easy tips.

One of the common problems you might encounter when using Skype or ooVoo is the connection quality. Although the main reason of this problem is slow or unstable Internet connection, there are other factors that might be considered.

Maximize Skype and Oovoo Experience to Communicate Virtually

Tips for good-quality calls

  • Use the latest version of the app
    One way of maximizing your Skype or ooVoo experience is by using the fresh up-to-date version of the app. When using either of the app, it is ideal that you and your friend must use the latest or updated version. It is because there might be new features that were added or patches for fixing bugs and errors.

Download the latest version of Skype here.
Download the latest version of ooVoo here.

  • Avoid downloading huge files while using Skype or ooVoo
    You can pause or stop the download while using the app. This will ensure that you’ll be experiencing quality calls with your friend. Downloading large files like videos or music while using the app will surely affect the quality as it shares with your Internet connection.

Maximize Skype and ooVoo experience

  1. Facebook Integration
    Both apps have Facebook’s integration. With ooVoo, users can connect and share their ooVoo status with Facebook and invite Facebook friends to join them on ooVoo. With Skype, it not only allows users to view their wall updates, news feeds, and updates their wall status but the phonebook integration delivers direct calling to your Facebook friends on their land lines and mobile devices.


  1. Record Video Calls
    With Skype, you can use SuperTintin or Vodburner to record video calls. On the other hand, ooVoo has a built in feature that will make users record video calls and upload them to Youtube for sharing.


  1. Video Messages
    With Skype and ooVoo, you can send video messages to share with any of your contacts. It’s very convenient when you want to greet someone or thanking clients or colleagues as part of your success.

Did we miss something?

If you feel that we miss something or there are other features that you feel that should be included in the list above about Skype and ooVoo, feel free to share it here via the comment section below.