How to set up a Webinar to Promote Business

Webinars are quickly becoming the standard for the new marketing culture in the web. When people spend thousands of dollars purchasing services on the Internet, they want to know that they are buying from experts. Webinar is the best way to illustrate your proficiency and give your company’s worth to the client who really wanted to know everything before making their investment.

Did you know?

The word Webinar comes from the combination of words “web” and “seminar.” It is basically a presentation you give to your audience over the web. It is sometimes called web conferencing.

Steps for setting up webinar to promote business

Step 1

  • Choose a Subject
    This is basically the topic for your webinar. Since you are promoting your business, it is ideal that your topic is related on how your services can help your targeted audiences.
  • Choose a Speaker or an Expert
    The speaker must be credible for the subject. Since he will be speaking on behalf for your business, he should be the most conceivable person you’ve ever known. It would be very nice if you’ll be speaking, too.
  • Choose a Date and Time
    As we all know, webinars are held over the web. Your targeted audiences might be from different time zones, so choose a time that will work best for them.
  • Choose a Platform
    There are a lot of different platforms out there that will help you to run a webinar. There are free ones like AnyMeeting or paid services like GoToWebinar.

Step 2

  • Choose the right Equipment
    In webinars, audio is very important. It is the key during presentation. So, a good audio quality will help your presentation to be successful. Buy the best microphone out there that suits your budget.

Step 3

  • Prepare your Contents
    Start with creating an outline and at the same time formulate an itinerary. It is important to use images and other graphics – you don’t want the registrants or the audience to just sit there reading your presentation instead of listening to what you, and the speakers have to say. Then make sure to train and practice the slides and estimate the right length for the time apportioned.
  • Create a Landing Page
    Creating a landing page for your webinar is a way of advertising your business. In a landing page, you can collect emails from registrants. You can then use these emails for follow-ups and reminders. Spending a small amount of many to hire a Virtual Assistant or a Webmaster will help your business grow.
  • Use Autoresponders for Emails
    You can use autoresponders like Aweber or Mailchimp in handling all your emails. You can also integrate them to your landing page and the platform you’ll be using.

Step 4

  • Practice
    Like what they say, practice makes perfect. Before the actual presentation, make sure to master all the software and equipments that you’ll be using in the webinar.
  • Review
    One way of making sure that you’re on the track is to review everything from the start. Don’t forget to follow up the speakers. Cover up everything that is lacking and look for possible improvements.

Step 5

  • Promote your Webinar
    There are lots of ways to promote your webinar aside from the landing page. You can always count on to social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social networking sites. You can promote it from your blog or from your website.
  • Remind and Follow up Registrants
    Using your autoresponders or the platform, you can then follow up your registrants through email since you already have  collected them from your landing page. It is very helpful because some people forget that the webinar is approaching. Remind them 24 hours before the event.

Well, there you have it! If you have any comments and suggestions about the topic, please let us know. You can also share your experiences about setting up webinars in the comment section below.