How to Evaluate a Good Multi-level Marketing Company

Multi-level marketing (MLM) or network marketing are basically a legitimate business strategy where the company encourages their existing distributors to recruit more distributors. Now, these existing distributors will get a percentage from their recruits’ sales.

Many people treat MLM as a bad business because of its past controversies where members are being exploited with other members in the network making that particular MLM illegal.

Now, in this article, we’ll discuss several points that need to be consider if you’re going to enter MLM or network marketing business.

Key factors of good multi-level marketing company

  • Company
    The company must be stable and credible and has continuous improvement. It’s ideal that the company is at least 10 years old with a proven track record. Make sure to research first before committing yourself to any business like MLM.


  • Product
    Since multi-level marketing is a basically a direct selling company, the product must be great, easy to market and effective. It must be patented and unique with great quality and consumable with a money-back guarantee.


  • Marketing strategy
    The company must have a marketing strategy to ensure the stability and sustainability of the business and the company. It must be properly audited and patented and that the strategy is proven and tested.


  • Training
    Training is very important in MLM. The company should and must have a support and training system that will help aspiring businessmen to generate income from the system. Check the company if they offer trainings, seminars and workshops for their members.


  • Organization and Standard
    Since MLM can be treated as a big company with lots of members, it is ideal that the company itself must have organization and standard. You can check out for the company’s background. It must have rules, visions and missions.

One must should look for the key factors above if he/she would like to enter multi-level marketing (MLM) or network marketing business. For comments and other suggestions for the topic, please leave a comment below.