About SDMD

SDMD (Save a Dime Make a Dollar) is a community of individuals sharing money saving ideas and legitimate money making opportunities. Our team of financial and business advisers review money saving and money making suggestions to find the very best money saving and money making strategies and then share them with the SDMD community.

Increasing graphIn 2013 cost of living in the US increased by 1.50%. While this sounds like a minor increase a smart shopper can actually have a 5 -10% cost of living decrease compared to the national averages. SDMD is committed to helping you reduce your personal cost of living index.

Join the discussion on our Facebook page and see how other SDMD members are saving money. And remember to share your money saving tips & tricks also!

So what’s better than saving money?   That’s right! Making money.

make moneyHere at SDMD we share legitimate business opportunities to help you generate additional income each and every month. Our legal team, our number crunching Certified Public Accountants and our small business advisers will evaluate every business opportunity we present to the SDMD community. So you can be assured these business opportunities are legitimate and profitable.



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